This is a blog for folks who have difficulty reading text on screens (or in general) Maybe you’re Dyslexic? Have ADD? or just get headaches reading blocky black text on brilliant white screens…(did you know its much easier for computers to show coloured text on black screen? Nope? well it is…)

Well, what ever brought you here, put your feet up and have a browse… You’ll find advice, shared experiences and just some good stuff to read that won’t make you feel stupid or give you a Migraine….

Naturally we’re aiming more for readability than grammatical and spelling accuracy. If that statement annoys you, then this is not the blog for you and you may have to content yourself with the rest of the internet  where we’re sure you’ll find something that you can have fun correcting…

As time progresses and I understand this interface more, I’ll make it more accessible. but for the time being you’ll see a list of posts on your right under a bar that says recent posts click one and off we go!


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